Tenancy Agreement Form In Nigeria

Since landlords and tenants occupy the same premises, landlords should discuss boundaries and expectations at the beginning of the lease. For example, a landlord can indicate when they can legally enter the tenant`s space, what the house rules are and how they are enforced, how guests are treated and much more. The agreement generally contains the conditions of access and regulation of these properties. These can only be general rules on use or certain special conditions. The reason for termination is that it allows the other party to prepare for the end of the lease. If the landlord tries to end the tenancy, the notice period gives the tenant time to look for new accommodation. If the tenant tries to end the lease, the notice period gives the landlord time to look for new tenants. Therefore, the contract is validly terminated only when the necessary termination has been served. The predominant factor of a lease is that it is safe for a period usually between one and three years with the renewal option. Any lease longer than three (3) years is considered a lease and not a lease.

However, it is important to note that under the Lagos State Tenancy Act in 2011, a landlord cannot accept rent beyond one year, except for certain designated areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Apapa and Ikeja GRA….

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