Synthesis Agreement

We only calculate the client for a successful custom summary. Our main business model is fee-for-service. If you accept our offer, which we will do in depth within 2 to 3 days and place an order, we will only charge you after confirmation of the secure receipt of the requested connection in your laboratory and confirmation of the quantity and quality due. We absorb all the risks of failure in the synthesis: they have no cost if we do not synthesize the target product. Service contracts characterize the desired conformity of a performance composition. Compliance is typically defined as meeting all service requests through service offerings, as indicated by a specific service level agreement (SLA). Contract vending machines are a recently introduced formalism for the specification and establishment of service contracts. Based on the concept of synthesis of the most permissing controller of the Supervisory Control Theory, it is possible to calculate a secure orchestration of contract vending machines that refine a composition into a conforming composition. Chem-Master is proud to be an expert in helping our clients develop new and proprietary routes to existing routes.

We will also take an existing synthesis and develop an evolutionary process with our in-house talent and cutting-edge technologies, including statistical test planning, real-time reaction tracking to establish detailed reaction/contamination profiles and other process developments. Our employees have experience in developing and transferring projects from our research laboratories to the scale of the pilot plant. As expected, the business strategies of different providers of personalized synthesis services are subject to differences. So it`s a challenge to choose the right outsourcing partner for your philosophy and complement your company`s core competencies. Among the conditions that may affect your choice are: all IP addresses that we may generate at your request during the performance of personalized synthesis services belong to you. We necessarily have a series of draft contracts such as CDA (Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement), MSA (Master Service Agreement) and PSA (Project Service Agreement). We work together to help you file a patent application or prepare a publication. The final report containing synthesis methods and analytical data (LCMS and NMR) is made available at the end of the synthesis service. Our synthetic approach involves assigning a number of scientists who dedicate themselves to the project full-time.

Intermediate connection templates are available to the client at every stage of the project and all progress is regularly communicated to the client through meetings and written reports….

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