Kate Hoey Good Friday Agreement

Originally co-chair of Labour Leave, Hoey resigned in February 2016 following internal differences. [26] Soon after, she became active at Grassroots Out with Nigel Farage, then chairman of UKIP, and George Galloway, then chairman of the Respect Party. [27] In their constituency of Vauxhall, an estimated 78% of people voted to remain in the EU. [28] [29] In February 2017, his Labour Party (CLP) constituency declared that it did not sufficiently oppose the conservative government`s policy regarding minors and the right of residence of European Union nationals after the UK`s withdrawal. [30] The attack on the Good Friday agreement began this weekend after an article by Hannan in the Telegraph. Paterson tweeted the article and noted that the deal had „survived its use.“ „The Belfast Agreement has been slightly modified over the years with the St Andrew Agreement. We have to face reality – Sinn Fein does not want a prosperous Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Owen Paterson, David Cameron`s Northern Ireland first secretary, went further by claiming that the deal had indeed „survived its use“. Nutall told the Birmingham Mail: „If there is a Brexiteer with a narrow majority and there is a chance that they will lose their seat to a remain, the UKIP branch will be asked if it is a good idea to be on the side.“ [26] „I think it is necessary to have a cold rational look at the Belfast agreement,“ Hoey said Monday in the Huffington Post. „A mandatory coalition is not sustainable in the long run. We have to face reality – Sinn Féin does not want a prosperous Northern Ireland.

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