Co-Publishing Agreement ( Co-Pub )

Generally speaking, today there are two types of music publishing agreements: a co-publication agreement and a public administration agreement. There is not a single answer we can give. Each convention responds to the specific needs of songwriters and the careers of songwriters. Choosing the best deal depends on a case-by-case scenario, depending on the desired results, how much you are willing to take risks and the economic projections of your compositions. If you`re able to do the work necessary to pit and use your compositions, an administration agreement may be the best option to ensure that you collect all your global royalties. Now you`re stuck with a company that can`t provide the support or advertising tools you need to get everything, because a paycheck had to swing at a vulnerable time. Imagine a scenario in which you used your online and offline connections to land without the help of your co-publishing, but they are still entitled to half of your publishing house`s share, no matter what work they do. This is a situation that happens all the time to discreet composers who need immediate capital and who have a little buzz without competent management or a legal team. Co-publishing is generally more advantageous for the songwriter than a traditional publishing agreement, because a co-publication contract allows the author to own not only 100% of his author`s share, but also a percentage of the song`s „publisher`s share“. As you can see, a co-publication agreement is essentially a bank loan with 25% interest….

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