Child Care Operating Funding Agreement

New CCOF organisations are entitled to support from the first month in which a complete application is submitted. Section 3 outlines the CCOF`s core funding requirements, including a new requirement for 2020/21, where providers do everything in their power to create an inclusive child care environment. Be sure to check the request to report changes to the license and service details in section 3.1(c) as these details have a direct impact on the amount of funds received by suppliers. Suppliers approved for ccof Base Funding, CCFRI or ECE-WE must continuously fulfil all obligations arising from the 2020/21 financing agreement. Below are the following most important steps for each type of financing. While some sections of the 2020/21 financing agreement are specific to the CCFRI and the ECE-WE, the rest of the agreement applies to all suppliers receiving CCOF core funding. The terms used throughout the Agreement are defined in Section 1. New institutions within organizations that already receive the CCOF can receive support from the 1st of the month, unless providers eligible for CCOF core funding can apply for CCFRI if they have one of these eligible categories of care: once the terms of the funding agreement have been agreed, providers must notify all changes to their license and service data within two working days by completing the change notification form. Depending on the changes, the funding agreement may need to be updated, which may affect funding. The CCFRI improves the affordability of child care by providing licensed child care providers with ways to reduce and stabilize monthly child care fees. child care providers must have applied for funding; Parents do not need to apply. CCOF Base Funding covers the daily running costs of a licensed childcare facility. This funding helps child care providers maintain quality child care for the community.

As part of the government`s recruitment and engagement strategy for early care and learning, front-line educators who work in licensed childcare facilities and receive operational funding for childcare (CCOF) are entitled to a salary increase of $2 per hour. Childcare providers must regularly update their information using the Child Care Web Application. Core funding is made available to children in families and groups under license. On the COVID 19 information page, you will find updates for child and family care providers. Yes. Once a final decision has been made, if it has not been approved, child care providers have the option to request a review of their application by email to Participation in the CCFRI is optional, but providers must be authorized for CCOF core funding to be eligible. . . .

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