Motorcycle Rental Agreement Pdf

1. The basic types of car insurance included in the rental price: – car liability insurance – mandatory liability insurance for damage caused by the automobile operation in accordance with the terms of the motor vehicle lease. The coverage limit is CZK 54,000,000 for health insurance and CZK3,000,000 for non-life insurance. – Hull insurance – will free you from financial liability for damage caused to a vehicle or its part. Their liability is limited to the „deduction“ according to the category of the vehicle rented. – Insurance against vandalism and theft – will free you from financial liability in the event of loss of the vehicle or damage caused by theft, attempted theft or vandalism. Their liability is limited to the „deduction“ according to the category of the vehicle rented. 2. The Tenant takes into account the fact that the insurance policies do not cover damage to the insured rental object caused by a person driving the vehicle and who did not hold the driver`s licence required for the vehicle – or whose driver`s licence had been confiscated by the competent authorities – when the insurance event was caused by a person driving the insured vehicle while under alcohol or psychotropic substances. (2) The rental price of the motorcycles must be paid in cash and in advance. During the execution of the contract, all changes must be announced in the form of a written document in order to conclude the final agreement.

Well-known tips for a bike rental trip to Vietnam >> All the best motorcycle rental service at Chungxe 2. The contracting parties have determined that in the event of an accident or accident caused by the tenant or the theft of the rental property during the tenancy period, the tenant is required to pay the amount of the warning allowance paid. The contents of the motorcycle rental clarify all information provided by the motorcycle rental company, the owner, the rights and obligations of both parties in accordance with the contract, as well as other related information. Let`s look at this sample of motorcycle rental with Chungxe. The rental item The theme of the rental is a motorcycle. type…………………………………………………………………. License plates………………… (hereafter referred to as „rental object“).

Accessories: Monthly rental – before the last day of the……….. (e) unless, due to the owner`s fault, all fines, penalties, traffic and/or parking violations, court fees, towing and other costs related to the vehicle assessed against the owner or vehicle during the duration of the rental; Flight, road accident, crash 1. If the object of the lease is damaged (for example. B by a road accident, an accident…), the tenant is obliged to inform the owner immediately, then the police of the Czech Republic, if the laws require it. The motorcycle rental app makes it easy to detail the details you need before renting a motorcycle to customers. We are happy to publish our equipment rental contract for free and are licensed to allow any rental of cars, motorcycles or bikes to take advantage of this contract. 1. The rental theme will be given to the tenant in perfect technical condition, including the flight certificate, green card and keys It is the stress-free alternative to handling all the paperwork that can pile up if you offer rental bikes as part of your motorcycle rental.

Designed for companies that have rental services for tourists and others who wish to rent a motorcycle, the motorcycle rental app covers all the important information you need to have on hand.

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