Employment Agreement Myanmar

Optional. The parties are free to accept the terms of employment contracts, unless they are contrary to law, morality, morality, public order or public order. Written employment contracts are required by national collective agreements. Some clauses are not valid if they are not presented in writing (for example. B probation clause, non-compete clause). Employers should add all employment rules and codes of conduct attached to the employment contract, indicating the different categories of misconduct and the disciplinary measures to which the employer is entitled. Staff members must then sign the MOHRE employment contract to obtain their work permit (or ID card) and residence visa (only for non-UNISE/GCC nationals). The MOHRE employment contract is in English and Arabic. Since January 2016, these contracts have been based on a new standard MOHRE model. The employment contract must accurately reflect the terms of the letter of offer which was previously made available to the employee; The amendments must be approved by the MOHRE and the worker and benefit the worker; Otherwise, they are unlikely to be approved. Authorized, but unnecessarily in a typical at-will ratio, unless conditions of employment (such as entitlement to leave or participation in group benefits) change after the end of the trial period. In Myanmar, there is no labour law or labour law. As a result, employment laws and regulations are dispersed by several laws, declarations and standard employment contracts issued from time to time by the employment services, such as the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MLIP).

Because the labour law framework is relatively inadequate, casual or ambiguous, labour authorities are able to assert an appropriate level of authority and control over the definition and decision of applicable conditions of employment. Depending on the required employment contract model, the trial period must not exceed 3 months. When an employer feels that a trial period is not necessary, the worker can be recruited without a probation period. The employment contract must be registered with the LMRA to obtain the worker`s work permit and residence visa. In fact, all contractual changes must be notified to the LMRA and amended on the copy of the contract of employment filed. Part-time and telework contracts must be registered with the Ministry of Labour.

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