Udc Security Agreement

As a borrower, how can I ask for unforeseen difficult cases? What happens if, according to my agreement, I am late, including, if necessary, the rest session? www.udc.co.nz/borrowing/customer_service/hardship If you want to upgrade your current car or if you need to upgrade the whole family, a credit contract is the type of financing that suits them best. The security of Internet payments is guaranteed by Sberbank of Russia. All transactions with payment cards are carried out in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. The transmission of information uses special technologies to secure online card payments and data processing is carried out on a secure high-tech server of the processing company. P> The main risk when buying a vehicle Financing is that if you lose your ability to win, you will not be able to cover your monthly payments, which means that you risk losing your vehicle and your creditworthiness. 123317 Moscow, Presnenskaya naberezhnaya, 2, TC Afimall City 125171 Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 16A, page 4, TC Metropolis OKPO 45151831 452865900000 OCTMO 45383000000 OKOGU 4210014 OKFS 16 OKOPF 12300 You have a regular payment structure over a period of your choice. This allows you to be flexible while giving you the ability to budget accordingly, because you always know when the next payment is and how much it will be. Term loans: udc.co.nz/tp/download/644546/941458797c37b7425bee8f5f2a2b1542/20152104005.pdf terms and conditions (consumers) udc.co.nz/tp/download/644537/2e57569a8d3d250a895005ab760f2211/terms_and_conditions.pdf . UDC Terms of Sale (PDF) – UDC Credit Purchase Contract (PDF) – UDC-Term Loan (PDF) – UDC Security Agreement (PDF) – UDC Pricing Plan (PDF) – 115054 Moscow, Paveleckaya plochad, 2, str.3, BC Paveleckaya Plaza We have become a pleasant part of the daily life of our regulars: it is a place to start your day, organize business and friendship meetings, celebrate special occasions and organize events – this is the essence and mission of our company: „We strive to create brands that will be part of your life.“ Keep your cash reserves for other uses, while preserving the vehicles your business needs by financing up to 100% of the cost of the vehicle over a period of time. The advantage of a business rental is that it allows you to structure the contract by selecting an appointment and agree with us an appropriate residual value that will allow you to adjust your monthly rents to your budget.

The residual value risk is borne by you. . Standard credit contracts: udc.co.nz/tp/download/644521/f8835a3fd97bcfa9bd4a0c035a54ca6c/20152104001.pdf OKPO 13230428 – 45286590000 OCTMO 453830000O OKOGU 4210014 OKFS 16 OKOPF 12165 OKVED Principal 55.30 additional: 70.31, 70.12, 70.20, 52.11, 52.26, 52.25.2, 52.25, 55.51, 55.40 . LLC „UDS-CAFE“ Address: 129090, Moscow, Prospect Mira, 26, Building 1, Room 51 OGRN 114774691688 INN 7704871279 KPP 770201001 Security Agreement: udc.co.nz/tp/download/644550/f831f160889620b6d187e447d2689745/20152104007.pdf If you have any questions about this confidentiality of the information you provide, You can contact the Sberbank of Russia by phone: 8 (495) 500-55-50 , 8 (800) 555-50 .

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