Transition Partnership Agreement Hampshire

DS enters secondary education next year and, as part of its transition planning, SENCO has proposed an IAP. I`ve never heard of it and I`m not sure what to get out of itTs doesn`t have a statement and won`t have one, and apparently the PPI has to be in place. Schools have a Home Link Worker, with which you can also discuss concerns. Support 4 SEND ( and SENDIASS ( are organizations that provide emotional support to parents of children with special educational needs. BTN will review its collective response on Tuesday 3 November 2020 and will appreciate your views – contact Solent LEP UK Transition Advice page here. The Transitional Partnership Agreement (EPA) aims to support transitional planning for children and youth who may be at risk during transition. B for example, an early graduation, a class change, a change of school, a transition from school to university. The process is therefore aimed at parents and caregivers, children and young people (if any), staff in kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions, as well as professionals working with the child or young people. Our INCO is implementing a program specifically designed to support the transition for more vulnerable students, and these students will receive additional visits in addition to the introductory program. Our INCO will ensure that pre-school schools conduct a meeting with interim partnership agreements. In addition to parents or caregivers, a person who knows the child or adolescent best and who has a current responsibility for that child or adolescent completes the form. Area INCO generally supports pre-school schools in this process. At the meeting, we will discuss: what is important to the child, how have they been helped in their current environment, what are their next steps, what are their progress, what are the plans to make for the transition? This will be INCO, new teachers and parents will be jointly responsible for the implementation of SDR actions.

BTN wants to protect its members from infection, but we are also aware that the need for a long-term „transition“ will not be reduced by the impact of the current situation. We had to cancel our general meeting scheduled for May 5. We hope to continue our monthly business meetings on the first Tuesday of the month by teleconference – observe this room. There is a comprehensive transition plan for children and parents, including: stays and games, school photo course, new parent meeting, a morning at school and an information session for parents. All families offer a home visit either during the summer semester or during the first week of the fall semester. The home visit is carried out by the class teacher and the EYA in accordance with the best practices recommended by LA. A short questionnaire will be completed. Children receive a book and a placemate that they can share during the summer. One of the general principles is that „there has been a consensus on the need to redouble efforts to establish a greater coalition of collaborators,“ including local and local initiatives. Education psychologists have a particular interest in transition, as transitions are a fundamental aspect of life. We learn to manage transitions of an advanced age, and for most children, it is a natural process that is rooted in the development of safer bonds. But we cannot take this for granted to all children.

We know that some transitions can be more difficult for some children and adolescents. This could be the case if they have experienced disruptions in their relationships and changes or transitions that have not gone well. Such children and adolescents, with adults in their lives, benefit from carefully planned transitions.

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