Time To File Reaffirmation Agreement

Any confirmation agreement must be concluded before launch. If you are about to confirm a debt and you believe it will not be deposited until the discharge period expires, notify the registry in writing to delay the opening of the discharge until confirmation is submitted. Judge Grossman of the Court of Justice recently issued an opinion in which he found that a confirmation agreement was only enforceable if it had been concluded prior to the discharge and refused to resume a closed case in which a debtor had obtained a discharge to allow a late confirmation agreement. In re Clark, 10-73746, 2010 WL 5348721 (Bankr. E.D.N.Y. 21.12.2010). In Clark, Grossman J. examined the rebate that is available to a debtor who wants to include a confirmation agreement in order to obtain additional time to bring the agreement to justice: a confirmation agreement is considered defective if Part E is not concluded. If a concluded part E is not presented within the default period (15 days), the agreement is affected. Fed. A. BANKR.

P. 4008 (a). Rule 4008 sets the date for filing a confirmation agreement. However, it does not authorize the cancellation of the requirements of Section 524 (c) (1) of Demascourt, namely that a debtor enters into a confirmation agreement before the discharge is granted, nor does it allow evidence 524 (m) (1) that oral proceedings, if judicial authorization is required, must be closed before the debtor receives discharge. See In re Nichols, No. 10-01323, 2010 WL 4922538 `2 (Bankr. N.D.Iowa 2010) (citing In re Lee, 356 B.R. 177, 184 (Bankr. N.D.W.Va.

2006). You have the right to revoke (revoke) any confirmation at any time prior to receipt of your dismissal or within 60 days of filing the confirmation agreement with the court, depending on what happens later. To revoke a confirmation agreement, you must send the creditor a written notice that you are withdrawing your decision to confirm and revoke the agreement. Send the original letter to the creditor and a copy to the administrator`s office to be part of your file. Conclusion of the Form form Confirmation Agreement All affirmations must be submitted with the official B27 form, the certification sheet. The confirmation agreement (official form B240A) was amended effective December 1, 2009. In order to allow sufficient time for applicants to implement the change of form, the Court of Justice will authorize a transitional period of six months during which the old (1/07) or the new version (12/09) of the confirmation agreement can be filed. Note: As of April 1, 2010, the new amended form becomes mandatory for the confirmation agreement. All pro-Se affirmation agreements that are not credit unions or real estate are automatically consulted, regardless of whether there has been a presumption of undue severity. If the confirmation agreement applies to real estate and/or a credit union, no further action will be taken. The Court agrees with the majority of the other jurisdictions that have refused discharge under Article 9024 and have not quashed a debtor`s discharge in the toto or in part.

The discharge under Rule 9024 is not applicable because the registration of the discharge decision simply did not take place by accident or as a result of an error. See Clark, 10-73746, 2010 WL 5348721 `4 (citing In re Rigal 254 B.R.

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