Minimum Wage Agreement In Nigeria

The workers spoke with the Guardian to express their happiness about maintaining the minimum wage and said it was a welcome development. Commander Oluwafemi Odukalu, of the Traffic Enforcement and Compliance Agency (TRACE), said, „To be honest, I was expecting something close to this increase, but when I saw that the actual amount was added, I was overwhelmed because I didn`t expect much.“ Commander Odukalu thanked the governor for keeping his promise. The Guardian has more details about the rise and reception it has received. Differences of opinion have been concentrated on the resulting wage adjustments, which must be applied throughout the country, in accordance with the new minimum wage law. Compliance with the minimum wage is governed by the labour inspectorate. If a person is not complied with, he or she can complain to the labour inspectorate. In the event of non-payment of the minimum wage, the employer must expect a fine of up to 20,000 N and, if the infringement is prosecuted, a fine of N 100 is imposed every day. A court may also order the employer to pay such a sum, in addition to the fine, in order to compensate the minimum wage below the minimum. In addition, the National Minimum Wage Act specifies that an agreement on the payment of wages below the national minimum wage is non-actuary and ineffective.

„I think it`s a very good thing that the unions and the government can actually sit together constructively to reach an agreement,“ she said. Labour and Employment Minister Chris Ngige announced the news of the much-anticipated deal in Abuja on Friday morning, shortly after a government team he led ended a meeting with the Labour Party. He said that the third category of the country`s wage structure, which are military and paramilitary officers, was also included in the agreement. The federal government and organized labor finally agreed on Thursday on the percentage increase in the consequent adjustment of workers` wages following the new minimum wage of 30,000 N300. As a general rule, the rate of pay is determined by the existing collective agreement or by the agreement between the employee and the employer. President Buhari signed the new minimum wage law in April 2019. But its implementation was stalled due to differences of opinion on wage adjustments between unions and government officials. Wages cannot be paid in premises used for the sale of spirits or for the retail sale of goods, unless the worker is employed in those premises.

The employer may give a worker a maximum advance of one month`s salary. The minimum recovery period for this advance is three months. The Labour Act prohibits deductions on employees` wages, except in the cases cited. With the employment officer`s agreement, an employer may make a reasonable deduction of a worker`s salary for injuries or losses suffered by the employer in the event of intentional misconduct or worker negligence. An employer has the right to deduct income tax and pension contributions from their salary with the employee`s consent.

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