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Under Section 30 of the Indian Partnership Act of 1932, a minor cannot be a partner, but can be included in the benefits of the partnership. A contract entered into in his favour by the guardian of a minor: in this case, the minor who is a promise can sue the unfulfilled party. In the case of Great American Insurance v. Madan Lal, the guardian entered into an insurance contract on behalf of his son on the fire of the miner`s property. When the property was damaged, compensation for the minor was called into question, the contract was refused by the insurer because of the minor`s inability to enter into a contract. Subsequently, however, it was found that this contract was enforceable and the insurer is liable to the guardian. Anyone under the age of 18 is known to be underage. Any agreement with minors is not valid from the outset. it is null and void, so there are no legal obligations arising from the contract and contract of a minor himself, so that no one who has not reached the age of majority can enter into a contract. 6) The rule of Estoppel: Estoppel is a rule that can make responsible a party that has started to do something before entering into a contract as part of the reflection .. This rule cannot apply to minors. In a contract, a minor may be a promise, but not a prosecutor, and if he has fulfilled his part of the promise, he can enforce the commitment to another party.

It is clear from the discussion above that an agreement with a minor in India has not been igzudivien from the beginning. A minor is generally liable for an unlawful act, but cannot be held responsible for what was in fact a breach of contract by framing the ex delicto action. In the case of Manmatha Kumar Saha v Exchange Loan Co., it was said: „You cannot turn a contract into an unlawful act in order to prosecute minors.“ Thus, minors, unhealthy people and those disqualified by law are incapacitated from work. the age of majority is 18, but where a guardian is appointed, it is 21. 9) Minor can be an agent: a minor can work as an agent. However, he cannot be held responsible for his actions vis-à-vis the client. A miner can provide negotiable instruments, indors and draw without being responsible himself. A person who cannot have a mental intention to enter into a contract, whether a major or a minor, may invalidate a contract.

The reason you can decide your mental capacity is whether you understand what it was and the consequences of the treaty. This is called the „cognitive“ test. Another type of examination is the „effective“ test: a contract is considered null and void if one party has reason to know the condition of the other party`s inability to act reasonably. The latter is known as the „motivation test.“ In doing so, the Tribunal measures the ability to enter into or not to enter into an agreement. These tests usually give different results. If a person has deliberately pushed a person or allowed it to be true by his or her actions, he or his representatives will not be allowed to deny precisely this fact in the future. [9] This defines the law of Estoppel. But minors are an exception to this rule and they can take advantage of minorities when they misrepreses their age at the time of the agreement. In vainkuntarama Pillai/Authimoolam Chettiar,[10] the Madras Supreme Court ruled that a minor who is unable to enter into a contract cannot be held liable and that Estoppel`s right cannot repeal it. When a minor who is incompetent for a contractual relationship and is taken care of by another necessity of life is compensated by the person who made the needs available to the minor, he may be compensated by the property of the minor.

A minor cannot be bound if he has no quality. The agreement of a minor is a series of promises or a contractual agreement in which a party exists as a minor. Minor is considered incompetent to be tolerated under the Indian Contract Act of 1872. That`s because miners nic

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