Colocation Data Center Agreement

(a) Data center: before terminating the agreement, the customer has a non-exclusive license to access the data center to which access to ColoHouse applies as part of its lease agreement or other agreement to occupy the data center. In addition, ColoHouse can adopt rules and procedures to regulate the use and behavior of the data center by customers by publishing the Data Center rules on the ColoHouse website. By accessing the data center, the customer accepts the data center`s rules. The rules of the computational center can be changed at any time by ColoHouse. If a change is made to the data center rules, it takes effect with the publication on the ColoHouse website. ColoHouse is responsible for ensuring that the services needed to support the overall operation of the computing center, such as services. B, the maintenance of environmental protection systems and the maintenance of power plants, are provided for the benefit of the customer. What is MRC? MRC, also known as a monthly periodic fee, is the amount on an account statement or invoice that a customer contractually pays to a roommate, network or other service provider. If a tax is displayed in the RCM category that you thought was a one-time cost, for example. B an upgrade load, this may be the result of an error by the Colocation provider. It is important to identify all MRCs and assess whether they are recurring costs or not. has access to a database of all active offers, discounts and promotions from all major Colocation providers. Contact to learn more about current offers. What does the NRC cover? As a general rule, NRC contains all one-time fees for creating your account, billing and installing. However, many data center owners and operators also use RNC to reimburse or recover the upfront costs of building or modernizing the computing centre and infrastructure. This is the CapEx versus OpEx discussion. While many customers go directly to the provider to acquire their roommate services, others find it advantageous to use an encolocation broker, agent or IT consultant. What for? Think. Would you prefer to be in contact with five different salespeople from five different co-location providers or one-stop shops? A roommate broker, agent or IT advisor can take many of these tasks off your plate and provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your needs.

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