How Do You Handle Disagreements With Co-Workers

Celebrating diversity in the workplace is essential. Today, most companies have a multicultural workforce made up of people with different religions, political affiliations and beliefs, so an employee who accepts and seeks to learn the differences in the background is much more likely to be a member of the team. You need to start going up the target pyramid until you reach an agreement (for example.B. „Do we both agree that this product must be on the market before September 1st? Do we both agree that the conversion rate should improve by at least 15%? »). You want to sit metaphorically on the same side of the table, face the problem together, agree on common goals, and work together on a solution that will allow you to achieve them. To successfully answer this question, make sure your interviewer is a good listener who can accept opposing views without getting excited. You could also mention how conflict resolution should take place in a private space. The aim is to set an example where possible. Should you first meet individually or jointly with each colleague? There are the pros and cons of both approaches. The objective is to understand both their positions (what one claims and the other rejects) and their interests (why they argue and reject claims). You want to know that the subjects have been the subject of in-depth debate and that they have been the subject of in-depth debate. You want to make sure your relationship with your co-worker is intact.

If you win, you lose because your co-worker lost. This loss will weigh heavily on your relationship, and it will affect your ability to disagree in the future. It is also important that you and your co-worker be aware of your areas of agreement and disagreement. Possible conflicts that have occurred in the past, and how best to handle problems in the future But if you find yourself in a sudden dispute with a colleague, it is best to wait until you have both calmed down and can have a level conversation. You won`t gain anything by imposing a confrontation (this also applies to the outside world, of course). Larry Cornett is a leadership coach and career consultant. He lives with his wife and children, a dogue, a chicken and a tenacious old cat in Northern California, near Lake Tahoe. He shares tips that will help you become an occasional magnet so that the best things in your life come to you! You can also find it on Twitter and Instagram @cornett. So I`m not pretending that everything will be rainbow and puppies if you follow these strategies.

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